Prodigal Son (Electronic song)

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"Prodigal Son"
Single by Electronic
from the album Twisted Tenderness
Released March 1999 (1999-03)
Format 10"
Recorded 1998
Genre Alternative dance
Label Parlophone (United Kingdom)
Writer(s) Johnny Marr,
Bernard Sumner
Producer(s) Johnny Marr,
Bernard Sumner,
Arthur Baker
Electronic singles chronology
"Until the End of Time"
"Prodigal Son"

"Prodigal Son" is a rock song by the English band Electronic. It was written by Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr and co-produced with Arthur Baker. The song was first released as a promotional single of four remixes in March 1999, and appeared in the following month on their third album Twisted Tenderness in its original form.

The promo single was a 10" clear vinyl record. The first two remixes were done by DJ Harvey; the third by Inch (Keir Stewart and Simon Spencer); and the fourth by Two Lone Swordsmen. All four differ greatly from the album version. Another mix by Cevin Fisher appeared on the "Late at Night" single as "Come Down Now (Cevin Fisher Mix)".

The album version runs to just over seven minutes and is the second longest track on the album after "Make It Happen". Both Sumner and Marr play guitar on the song, and Marr also provides some backing vocals.

The track was described as a "multi-storey epic" by Andrew Collins in Q magazine,[1] while Pat Gilbert picked it as a highlight of the "rockier" side of the album in Mojo.[2]

All five remixes of "Prodigal Son" were included on the second disc of Twisted Tenderness::Deluxe in 2001, while the original version was one of four album tracks featured on the 2006 compilation Get the Message.


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  3. "Inch Remix (Touched by the Hand of Inch)" (5:07)
  4. "Two Lone Swordsmen Instrumental" (5:35)


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