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Proem, whose real name is Richard Bailey, is an American musician. Formerly a resident of Austin, Texas, he now resides in Houston. He has been releasing music since 1999 on labels like Merck, n5MD, and Hydrant.

Bailey started experimenting with electronic devices at an early age, using thrift store turntables, some tape decks, a few cheap Casio SK-5s, and some circuit bent bargain bin keyboards. He currently sequences in FL Studio, using a number of VST plugins, such as Kontakt and Reaktor.

Proem has released several albums, EPs, and remixes. He is regarded as one of the early members of US Intelligent dance music scene.


Full Albums:

  • (1999) Burn Plate No.1 (CD) Hydrant Records
  • (2001) Negativ (CD) Merck Records
  • (2001) Among Others (MD) n5MD
  • (2004) liveMD[cd?] (CD) n5MD
  • (2004) Socially Inept (CD) Merck Records
  • (2004) Songs 4 The City Bus (CD) Coredump Records
  • (2006) You Shall Have Ever Been (2xCD) Merck Records
  • (2007) A Permanent Solution (CD) n5MD
  • (2009) Till There's No Breath (CD) Nonresponse
  • (2010) Enough Conflict (CD) n5MD
  • (2013) Before It Finds You (Digital Download)

JW 20100128


  • (2002) No_Carrier
  • (2002) 2=1 (Vinyl)

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