Professional Bowls Association

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Professional Bowls Association
Abbreviation PBA
Type Sports Association
David Corkill
Vice Chairperson
John Price
Main organ
PBA Committee
Formerly called
World Bowls Players Association

The Professional Bowls Association is an international organisation which promotes Bowls worldwide and organises competitions, including the World Indoor Bowls Championships with other Bowls Associations. It also operates as the world governing body for Bowls.[1]



In 1992, during the World Indoor Championships, which were held in the Preston Guildhall, the Professional Bowls Association was formed to promote Bowls worldwide and on television.

Formation of the WBT[edit]

It also created the World Bowls Tour to set up and create championships and competitions to further the aims of the PBA.[2]

Organisational Structure[edit]

Branches & Location[edit]

The PBA has branches across the world, within Europe, in the UK (where the organisation was set up). It also has branches including in the USA, South Africa and Australia.

The PBA Committee[edit]

The PBA Committee is the main organ of the Professional Bowls Association.[3]

Position Name
Chairperson David Corkill
Vice Chairperson John Price
Treasurer Martin Gale
Secretary John Davies
Tournament Secretary Richard Maddieson


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