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The Professional Fraternity Association (PFA) is an association of national, collegiate, professional fraternities and sororities that was formed 1978. Since PFA groups are discipline-specific, members join while pursuing graduate (law, medicine, etc.) degrees as well as undergraduate (business, engineering, etc.) degrees. PFA groups seek to develop their members professionally in addition to the social development commonly associated with general fraternities. Membership requirements of the PFA are broad enough to include groups that do not recruit new members from a single professional discipline. The PFA has welcomed service and honor fraternities as members; however, Greek letter honor societies more commonly belong to ACHS.


The Professional Panhellenic Association, for women's groups, was founded in 1925, and the Professional Interfraternity Conference (PIC), for men's groups, was founded in 1928. These groups came about due to rapid growth among all types of fraternities during the late 1920s. On March 2–3, 1928, delegates from 27 professional fraternities came together in Washington, DC to organize the PIC. Jarvis Butler of Sigma Nu Phi was elected as the first president, and Stroud Jordan of Alpha Chi Sigma was elected as the first Secretary-treasurer.

The PFA resulted from the merger of the Professional Interfraternity Conference and the Professional Panhellenic Association in 1978. The merger itself was the result of the impact of Title IX on most fraternal groups with professional affiliations.

Current members[edit]

Fraternity Founded Focus Active
Alpha Zeta 1897 Agriculture 116,000
Alpha Kappa Psi 1904 Business 216 326 259,000
Alpha Rho Chi 1914 Architecture 20 30 5,500
Alpha Tau Delta 1921 Nursing 10,000
Alpha Phi Omega 1925 Service 361 733 350,000
Alpha Chi Sigma 1902 Chemistry 49 97 65,000
Alpha Omega 1907 Dentistry 15,000
Alpha Omega Epsilon 1983 Engineering 25 26 2,000
Gamma Iota Sigma 1965 Insurance 13,000
Delta Chi Xi 2010 Dance 5
Delta Epsilon Iota 1994 Career Development
Delta Kappa Alpha 1936 Cinema 12 9,000
Delta Theta Phi 1900 Law 125,000
Delta Omicron 1909 Music 27,000
Delta Sigma Pi 1907 Business 182 271 215,000
Zeta Phi Eta 1893 Communication Arts 20,000
Theta Tau 1904 Engineering 50 58 30,000
Kappa Alpha Pi 2007 Law 8 800
Kappa Delta Epsilon Society 1933 Education 44,000
Kappa Epsilon 1921 Pharmaceutical 24,400
Kappa Kappa Psi 1919 Band 196 313 66,000
Kappa Psi 1879 Pharmaceutical 75 125 80,000
Lambda Kappa Sigma 1913 Pharmacy 19,000
Mu Phi Epsilon 1903 Music 75,000
Pi Sigma Epsilon 1952 Marketing 60,000
Rho Pi Phi 1919 Pharmaceutical 10,000
Sigma Alpha 1978 Agriculture 4,000
Sigma Alpha Iota 1903 Music 105,376
Sigma Phi Delta 1924 Engineering 8,000
Tau Beta Sigma 1946 Band 21,000
Phi Alpha Delta 1902 Law 260,000
Phi Beta 1912 Performing Arts 3 55 30,000
Phi Gamma Nu 1924 Business 10 115 35,000
Phi Delta Epsilon 1904 Medicine 33,000
Phi Delta Chi 1883 Pharmacy 43,000
Phi Rho Sigma 1890 Medicine 33,000
Phi Sigma Pi 1916 Honors 31,000
Phi Chi Theta 1924 Business 47,000
Omega Tau Sigma 1906 Veterinary 8,000

Former members[edit]

This includes the member organizations of the two former groups that merged to form the PFA.

Fraternity Founded Focus Notes
Beta Alpha Psi 1919 Accounting now an honorary organization
Omicron Delta Kappa 1914 Leadership originally a men's leadership fraternity; now a co-ed honorary organization
Phi Mu Alpha 1898 Music left the PFA in 2007, reverted to its historical founding as a social fraternity
Sigma Nu Phi 1903 Law merged with Delta Theta Phi in 1989
Scabbard and Blade 1904 Military
Scarab 1909 Architecture


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