Profunda femoris artery

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Artery: Profunda femoris artery
The profunda femoris artery, femoral artery and their major branches - right thigh, anterior view. (Femoral profunda labeled at right center.)
Structures surrounding right hip-joint. (Femoral profunda not labeled, but is visible near center right.)
Latin arteria profunda femoris
Gray's p.629
Source femoral artery
Branches Lateral femoral circumflex
Medial femoral circumflex
Vein profunda femoris vein

The profunda femoris artery (also known as the deep femoral artery, or the deep artery of the thigh) is a branch of the femoral artery that, as its name suggests, travels more deeply (posteriorly) than the rest of the femoral artery.


The profunda femoris branches off the femoral artery soon after its origin. It travels down the thigh closer to the femur than the femoral artery, running between the pectineus and the adductor longus, and running on the posterior side of adductor longus. The deep femoral artery does not leave the thigh.


The profunda femoris gives off the following branches:

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