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The Progressive Democratic Students Union is the student wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy, a communist political party in India. The PDSU was formed by George Reddy, a revolutionary student leader of the Osmania University in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh state.

Aims and Objectives[edit]

PDSU aims at building struggles by the students

1. To free India from the hands of imperialism, feudalism and their servitors.

2. For a pro-people, scientific and progressive education system.

3. Against dual education policy, for compulsory closure of elitist schools and colleges.

4. All education through state owned institutions.

5. Against commercialization, privatization and communalization of education.

6. Oppose communalization of history and for a materialistic study of world history and Indian history.

7. For raising the education budget to a minimum of 10% and for its proper utilization.

8. Free education for all and linkage of education with jobs. Provide jobs for all.

9. Stop repression of democratic student movements. Stop attacks on rights of common people, especially student masses.

10. Struggle against gender oppression and exploitation of women.

11. Against Caste oppression and division. Support to reservation for weaker sections as a democratic demand.

12. For communal amity, and for rights to all nationalities. Fight against communalism, especially majority communalism and fundamentalism.

13. Against language oppression, and for right to education in mother tongue.

14. Against superstitions, rituals, revivalism, and against cultural degradation. Against aping of imperialist cultural and for development of a progressive, pro-people culture.