Progressive History XXX

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Progressive History XXX
Compilation album by Fluke
Released September 16, 2002
Genre Electronica
Length 213:59
Label EMI
Producer Fluke
Fluke chronology
Progressive History X
Progressive History XXX

Progressive History XXX is a three-disc compilation album by British electronica group Fluke, first released in September 2002. It is not to be confused with Progressive History X, their previous compilation album, which is only one disc. Artwork was again David Bethell's "Just Your Average Second On This Planet" 1997-1998 but this time came in four gloss print versions of black, red, white and blue. A free poster also contained the silhouette image on one side with all other album covers portrayed on the flip.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

Early Stuff

  1. "Thumper" (original mix)
  2. "Philly" (jamateur mix)
  3. "Glorious"
  4. "Easy Peasy"
  5. "Pan Am into Philly"
  6. "Garden of Blighty"
  7. "Jig"
  8. "Phin"
  9. "Taxi"
  10. "Coolest"
  11. "The Bells"

Disc two[edit]

Album Tracks

  1. "Spacey" (catch 22 dub)
  2. "Astrosapiens"
  3. "Life Support"
  4. "Cut"
  5. "Wobbler"
  6. "OK"
  7. "Kitten Moon"
  8. "Bermuda"
  9. "Setback"
  10. "Goodnight Lover"

Disc three[edit]

Rare Mixes

  1. "Slid" (scat and sax frenzy)
  2. "Electric guitar" (headstock)
  3. "Groovy feeling" (screwball)
  4. "Bubble" (braillebubble)
  5. "Bullet" (atlas space base)
  6. "Bullet" (jazz mix)
  7. "Tosh" (nosh)
  8. "Atom bomb" (atomix 4)
  9. "Absurd" (marine parade mix)
  10. "Absurd" (soul of man remix)
  11. "Squirt" (europicolamix)