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The Progressive Party of Belgium (French: Parti Progressiste) was a progressive liberal party which existed from 1887 until 1900.


After the defeat of the Liberal party in the general elections of 1884 the doctrinarian faction continued to dominate the Belgian Liberal party. However, the progressistes or radicals no longer wanted to toe the line. In 1887 they established their own party, the Parti Progressiste and Paul Janson became its president.

Over the years, it radicalized its doctrines and in 1894, they asked for the creation a Ministry of Labour, the creation of maximum hours for a working day, and compulsory insurance against accidents, disease, unemployment and disability. More important still, it envisaged the creation of a true public sector by the nationalization of the railroads, canals, roads, bridges and coal mines and by the replacement of the national Bank by a bank of State, etc.[1]


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