Heaven and Earth (ProjeKct X album)

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Heaven and Earth
Studio album by ProjeKct X
Released 2000
Recorded 2000 during the rehearsals and recording of The ConstruKction of Light by King Crimson at StudioBelew. Additional recording at: Ade's Garage, Pat's Garage, and The Apartment.
Genre Experimental rock
Length 72:28
Label DGM
Producer Pat Mastelotto, Bill Munyon
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 1.5/5 stars[1]

ProjeKct X[2] was a side project of the music band King Crimson during the year 2000.

In 2000, while the band King Crimson recorded their album The ConstruKction of Light, the four members of this line-up also recorded the album Heaven and Earth as ProjeKct X. The line-up consisted of Robert Fripp on Guitar, Adrian Belew on Guitar and V-Drums, Trey Gunn on Warr Guitars, and Pat Mastelotto on traps and "buttons" (electronic percussion and loops).

This continued the tradition of ProjeKcts One, Two, Three, and Four (sub-groups into which King Crimson 'fraKctalised' from 1997 to 1999). Heaven and Earth is an album by "ProjeKct X" released in 2000 on the Pony Canyon label as a Japanese Exclusive Release.[citation needed] The title track later appeared as the last track on The ConstruKction of Light.


  1. "The Business of Pleasure"
  2. "Hat in The Middle"
  3. "Side Window"
  4. "Maximizer"
  5. "Strange Ears (aging rapidly)"
  6. "Overhead Floor Mats Under Toe"
  7. "Six O’Clock"
  8. "Superbottomfeeder"
  9. "One E And"
  10. "Two Awkward Moments"
  11. "Demolition"
  12. "Conversation Pit"
  13. "Cin Alayı"
  14. "Heaven And Earth"
  15. "Belew Jay Way"
  • All titles written by: Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto


  • Adrian Belew — Guitar and additional 'V Drumming' on Side Window
  • Robert Fripp — Guitar and Soundscapes
  • Trey Gunn — Bass Touch Guitar and Baritone Guitar
  • Pat Mastelotto — Traps and Buttons
  • Conversations, InstruKctions and wordgames by ProjeKct X
Additional recording at: Ade's Garage, Pat's Garage, and The Apartment.
  • Recorded by: Ken Latchney and Bill Munyon
  • Digital engineering and arranging by Bill Munyon
  • Produced and mixed by: Pat Mastelotto and Bill Munyon
  • Mixed at: Blue World, Ade's Garage, and Pat's Garage
  • Mastered by: Alex R Mundy and Robert Fripp at DGM HQ
  • Art direction by: Ioannis for Vivid Images Worldwide, LLC, Design by: Alan Chappell for Vivid Images Worldwide
  • Digital art by Ioannis
  • Video Images & Photographs by Trey Gunn


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  2. ^ The pronunciation, "Project Ex" (as in the letter) or "Project Ten" (as in the Roman numeral), has not been established yet with a verifiable reference.