Project A Part II

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Project A Part II
Hong Kong film poster
Traditional A計劃續集
Simplified A计划续集
Mandarin A Jìhuà Xùjí
Cantonese A Gai3 Waak6 Zuk6 Zaap6
Directed by Jackie Chan
Produced by Raymond Chow
Leonard Ho
David Lam
Edward Tang
Written by Jackie Chan
Edward Tang
Starring Jackie Chan
Maggie Cheung
Rosamund Kwan
Bill Tung
Music by Michael Lai
Cinematography Cheung Yiu-tsou
Edited by Peter Cheung Yiu-chung
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Media Asia
Release date(s)
  • 19 August 1987 (1987-08-19)
Running time 106 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Project A Part II
Traditional Chinese A計劃續集
Simplified Chinese A计划续集
Literal meaning "Plan A – The Sequel"

Project A Part II (Chinese: A計劃續集; aka Jackie Chan’s Project A II) is a 1987 Hong Kong action film written and directed by Jackie Chan, who also starred in the lead role. It is the sequel to the 1983 film Project A. Jackie Chan plays Sergeant Dragon Ma once again, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, stars from the original film, are absent. The film was released in the Hong Kong on 19 August 1987.


The sequel continues with runaway pirates making a vow that they must kill Dragon Ma to take revenge for their late captain. On recommendation of the Chief of Marine Force, Dragon Ma is transferred to be in charge of the district of Sai Wan after the Superintendent, Chun, is thought to be staging his arrests. Chun, however, has an excellent record and the "criminals" he has been engaging are shot and killed, so there is no evidence against him.

Dragon Ma and his subordinates later meet Yesan and her cousin, Carina, at a teahouse selling flowers to raise funds. He later learns that Carina is actually a member of the Chinese revolutionaries headed by Dr Sun Yat-sen. Dragon identifies himself as the new superintendent of Sai Wai Police Station, after realizing that all of his policemen except one has been taking bribes. Ho, the only upright policeman around, tells them that a gangster named Tiger Ow with gambling dens and other illegal businesses is the kingpin of the town.

Dragon moves to confront Ow, but the police of his district are cowardly and unwilling to risk their lives to bring in the gangster. Dragon is forced to confront Tiger with only his three friends he brought with him from the Marine Police and Ho, the one straight cop in the district. After a big fight where the policemen are badly outnumbered, the Marine Police show up with guns, and force the gangsters to surrender. After one last fight with Ow, all the gangsters are sent to prison, inspiring the police at the station to do a better job.

Dragon is then put in charge of the Governor's security for a birthday ball he is throwing for his adopted daughter (Regina Kent). Chun corroborates with a group of revolutionaries (Rosamund Kwan and Sam Lui) to implicate Dragon in a theft of the Governor's diamond pendant. Dragon is arrested. After the ball, Carina is kidnapped by agents of the Empress Dowager, who are working with Chun. The Imperial agents kidnap Carina and trap her in a wardrobe at Yesan's house. Yesan arrives with Li. Then Ma and Ho arrive, hiding their handcuffs with Ma's jacket, causing Yesan to think one of them is bisexual, since it appears like they are holding hands. Li hides, but ends up threatened by one of the imperial agents. Ma and Ho go to the bathroom together. While they are in the bathroom, the commissioner arrives with flowers. As he is filling up the vase, he realizes that the faucet is broken. He gets sprayed on and gets wet. Yesan hangs up his uniform, when Ma and Ho sees the keys to the handcuffs. They break free and hide under the bed, losing the key to the handcuffs. They see the Imperial Agents with Carina in the wardrobe. Then Yesan and the commissioner sit down to talk. The Commissioner demonstrates how to handcuff two people by handcuffing himself to the armchair. Then he can't break free. Then another person rings the doorbell. It is Chun visiting Yesan. The commissioner claims he can't be seen in this shirt. So he hides under the bed along with the chair, resulting him to see Ma and Ho. Yesan finally gets Chun to get out of her house, when Ma, Ho, Tung and Yesan defeat the Imperial agents. Eventually the Imperial Agents are arrested, the revolutionary chief escapes, and Dragon is handcuffed by Chun so that he can be brought to the main prison. Carina flees town with the help of the revolutionaries. Chun arranges for Dragon to be killed by a prison warden.

The pirates who swore vengeance turn up and attack both Dragon and Chun by axes around the town, but are eventually driven off after the police show up. Dragon is then handed over to the prison warden, who tied up in a sack and throws Dragon into the sea. The revolutionaries save Dragon, and take him back to their hideout above a medicine store. They try to enlist Dragon to join their cause, but he refuses to actively help them, saying that he is just a Hong Kong cop and all he can do is enforce the law and safeguard ordinary citizen's security. The head of the pirates falls sick and the pirates enter the medicine store to ask for some herbs. Dragon intervenes and offers to pay for their medicine, causing the pirates to think much better of him.

The Imperial agents arrive and proceed to apprehend most of the revolutionaries, to gain possession of the black book. Dragon helps Yessan and Miss Pak run off while safeguarding the book from the agents. After a frantic run and fight scene, he beats up all of them with the help of the ax-wielding pirates. The Police Commissioner arrives with a huge police cohort and orders the arrest of Superintendent Chun, now fully aware Chun is trying to murder Dragon. Chun tries to run. A large bamboo-and-wood stage facade falls on Chun while he is attempting to get back his moneybag. Dragon, on order of the Commissioner, takes charge of the police and the area.

Production notes[edit]


  • Jackie Chan – Sergeant Dragon Ma
  • Maggie Cheung – Yesan
  • Bill Tung – Police Commissioner
  • Rosamund Kwan – Miss Pak
  • Carina Lau – Carina
  • Ray Lui – Mr. Man Tin-ching
  • Regina Kent – Regina, Governor’s daughter
  • Mars – Mars / Jaws
  • Kenny Ho – Shi King
  • Yao Lin Chen – Awesome Wolf
  • Chris Li – Mr. D (Ma's sidekick)
  • Fan Mei-sheng – Black Bear
  • Lee Hoi-san – Choy
  • Tai Bo – Mr. B
  • John Cheung – Bodyguard
  • Chen Ti-ko – Python
  • Benny Lai – Pirate No.1
  • Rocky Lai – Pirate No.2
  • Johnny Cheung – Pirate No.3
  • Lai Sing-kong – Piarte No.4
  • Frankie Poon – Pirate No.5
  • Sun Wong – Sgt. Ching
  • Wan Fat – Wan Sam Mun
  • Len Wen-wei – Sung
  • Ben Lam – Brawns
  • Lo Wai-kwong – Brains
  • Anthony Chan – Cop #365
  • Nicky Li – Hotel Receptionist
  • Kwan Hoi-san – Chi
  • Lau Siu-ming – The Prince

Box office[edit]

The film grossed HK $31,459,916 at the Hong Kong box office.


Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 67% of six surveyed critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating was 6.5/10.[3] David Beamish of DVDactive rated it 6/10 stars and recommended it to fans of the first fan.[4] J. Doyle Wallis of DVD Talk rated it 3.5/5 stars and called it "one of the better films in his resume, just not up to the likes of the original film that preceded it."[5] Mike Pinsky of DVD Verdict called it a "time filler" for Chan that does not live up to the previous film.[6]

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