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PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing & Design Awards honor design and marketing work in the advertising and promotions business [1] from a company or individual that is broadcast, published or released in their respective markets.[2]

PromaxBDA sponsors awards competitions at the Global level, as well as in North America, Latin America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, India, and Australia & New Zealand. There is also a competition at the local level in the United States and Canada.

The awards categories include network TV, TV stations, cable networks, cable systems, network radio, radio stations, syndication distributors, interactive media, plus other kudos such as the Brandon Tartikoff Award.[3]

Major winners in the past have included FX Networks, Showtime, Red Bee Media, HBO, A+E Networks, 4Creative, and Bell Media Agency.

The PromaxBDA Global Excellence and North America Awards are handed out each year at PromaxBDA's annual conference in June, which alternates between New York City and Los Angeles.

The PromaxBDA "Muse of Creativity" Award was created and sculpted by artist Eileen Borgeson. The PromaxBDA Muse Awards were launched in Washington DC in 1995. Thousands of PromaxBDA awards have been presented to companies and individuals whose work is judged by a panel of promotion and marketing professionals using three measures: overall creativity, production quality, and results in achieving marketing objectives.

PromaxBDA is an international association for entertainment marketers, promoters and designers. There are 10,000 individual members represented in 70 countries. The association holds conferences, award competitions and prints publications [4] for their members, and present networking opportunities.[2] PromaxBDA is based in Los Angeles.

The association is the publisher of the Brief news website, and the Daily Brief newsletter.


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