Propulsion Universelle et Récuperation d'Énergie

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Propulsion Universelle et Recuperation d'Energie
Industry Motorsport engineering
Founded 2011 (2011)
Founders Craig Pollock
Headquarters Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
Key people Gilles Simon

Propulsion Universelle et Récuperation d'Énergie (PURE; English: Universal Propulsion and Energy Recovery) is a motorsports engineering company founded by former British American Racing team principal Craig Pollock in 2011. It aims to design and manufacture engines for use under the projected 2014 Formula One technical regulations, that mandate a switch from the current normally aspirated V8 engines to turbocharged V6 engines. The company is linked to Mecachrome, and employs former members of Renault and Peugeot's 1990s Formula One engine programmes.[1]

In July 2011, the company secured the services of Gilles Simon, formerly head of Scuderia Ferrari's engine department and the FIA technical director for powertrain development.[2] The recruitment was controversial, with several teams and manufacturers – particularly Renault – expressing concerns that Simon's previous position with the FIA would grant him access to sensitive technical data about engine designs that could potentially be used by PURE in the development of their own engine.[3] Simon and PURE rejected these suggestions, stating that the process of developing the 2014 engine regulations had been transparent, and that all parties involved had access to the same information so that no individual group would have an advantage.[3] PURE will use Toyota Motorsport's facilities in Köln, Germany, whilst also maintaining a French base.[4] In July 2012, PURE suspended its engine programme due to a funding problem.[5]


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