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This article is about the archaeological site. For the metro station in Prague, see Prosek (Prague Metro). For the Croatian dessert wine, see Prošek.
A 19th-century monochrome photograph of a rocky river canyon, with sharp high cliffs in the background.
The gorge of the Vardar at modern Demir Kapija was the site of Strez's capital, Prosek, from 1208 to 1214

Prosek (Macedonian alphabet: Просек), also known as Stenae (in Greek Στεναί - narrow -), is an archaeological site located in the Demir Kapija Canyon, in Republic of Macedonia. This ancient settlement had an excellent strategical and war position. It was discovered in 1948. Some things that have been found here include four towers that remain standing today, many ceramic objects, jewellery, coins, and a few acropoli and neocropoli.

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