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Proserpine (Proserpina) is an opera with music by Jean-Baptiste Lully and a libretto by Philippe Quinault first performed at Saint-Germain-en-Laye on 3 February 1680.

The title page of Proserpine


Role Voice type Premiere cast, 3 February 1680
La Paix (Peace) soprano Catherine Ferdinand
La Félicité (Felicitas) soprano Mlle Rebel
L'Abondance (Abundantia) soprano Mlle Puvigné (or Puvigny)
La Discorde (Discord) tenor (en travesti) Puvigné (or Puvigny)
La Victoire (Victoria) soprano Claude Ferdinand
Pluton (Pluto) bass Jean Gaye
Ascalaphe (Ascalaphus), son of Acheron, confidant of Pluton bass Antoine Morel
Proserpine soprano Claude Ferdinand
Cérès (Ceres) soprano Mlle de Saint-Christophe (or Saint-Christophle)
Jupiter bass Godonesche
Alphée (Alpheus) haute-contre Bernard Cledière
Aréthuse (Arethusa) soprano Catherine Ferdinand
Mercure (Mercury) tenor Langeais
Cyané, a Sicily nymph, confidante of Cérès soprano Mlle Bony
Crinise, god of the Sicily river Crinisus basse-taille Arnoul
Furies 2 tenors and a basse-taille(?) Claude Desvoyes, Puvigny (or Puvigné) and Le Maire
A blessed spirit soprano


The plot centers around the abduction of Proserpine by Pluton, with side plots concerning Cérès's love for Jupiter and the love intrigue between Alphée and Aréthuse.


  • Proserpine Soloists, Le Concert Spirituel, conducted by Hervé Niquet (Glossa, 2 CDs, 2008)


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