Prosper Dezitter

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Prosper Dezitter
Nationality Belgium Belgian
Other names
  • Prosper de Zitter
  • "the man with the missing finger"
Known for Nazi infiltrator

Prosper Dezitter (also known as Prosper de Zitter,[1] alias "the man with the missing finger") was a Belgian collaborator with Nazi Germany in World War II.[1]

Posing as "Captain Jackson", a British airman on the run, he infiltrated a resistance group led by Marcel Demonceau.

He also ran an escape line for downed allied airmen, which was in reality a ruse to capture them and members of the resistance.[1]

After the War, Dezitter was arrested in Germany, extradited to Belgium, and condemned to death. He was executed at Ixelles on 17 September 1948.[2]

The National Archives in London hold two files of papers on Dezitter, reference KV 2/1732 and KV 2/1733.[1]


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