Prosperous Peace Party

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Prosperous Peace Party
Founded 1 October 2001
Dissolved 10 March 2013
Merged into Hanura
Headquarters Jakarta
Ideology Pancasila
Christian democracy

The Prosperous Peace Party (Indonesian: Partai Damai Sejahtera) was a Christian-democratic political party in Indonesia. It portrayed itself as the reincarnation of Parkindo, the Indonesian Christian Party, which contested the 1955 and 1971 elections. Although it was initially founded by Christians, the party was open to all religions, and 21 of its candidates in the 2009 legislative election were Muslim.[1]

In the 2004 Indonesian legislative election, the party won 2.1% of the popular vote and 12 out of 550 seats, but in the 2009 legislative election, the party won 1.5 percent of the votes, less than the required 2.5 percent electoral threshold, meaning it lost all its seats in the People's Representative Council.[2][3]

The party agreed to merge along with 9 other parties into Hanura on 10 March 2013 after failed to be certified to contest in the 2014 legislative election by the Electoral Commission.[4]

Regional strength[edit]

In the legislative election held on 9 April 2009, support for the PDS was higher than its national average in the following provinces:


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