Protected areas of Kyrgyzstan

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For the entire list, see List of protected areas of Kyrgyzstan.

The Protected areas of Kyrgyzstan cover 1,189,507.4 hectares and account for 6.3% of the country's total area (as of February 2011). The first protected area in Kyrgyzsta - Issyk Kul State Nature Reserve - was established as early as in 1948. Since independence, the area of the protected areas in the country increased by almost 2.5 times. [1]


State Nature Reserves[edit]

In total, 10 State Nature Reserves (Kyrgyz: Мамлекеттик Корук, Russian: Государственный Заповедник) (IUCN Category I) where any economic activity violating natural complexes is prohibited, were established in Kyrgyzstan for nature conservation and scientific research. They cover an area of 600,411.1 hectares.

National Parks[edit]

In total, 9 State Nature National Parks (Russian: Государственный природный национальный парк) (IUCN Category II) occupy 287,173.2 hectares. In contrast to the state nature reserves, recreational uses are permitted in national parks.

Natural monuments[edit]

Natural monuments (IUCN Category III) (Russian: Памятник природы (геологический заказник)) amounts to 19.

Habitats/species management areas[edit]

The amount of habitat/species management areas (IUCN Category IV) in Kyrgyzstan is 49 including 23 - botanical reserves, 10 - forest reserves, 14 - game (zoological) reserves, 2 - complex reserves).[1]


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