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Western Australia is the second largest country subdivision in the world. It contains no fewer than 1224 separate Protected Areas with a total area of 170,610 km² (land area: 159,151 km² – 6.30% of the state’s area). Ninety-eight of these are National Parks, totalling 56,680.65 km²[1] (2.14% of the state’s area).

Protected areas of Western Australia[edit]

Conservation Parks[edit]

Marine Nature Reserves[edit]

Marine Parks[edit]

Miscellaneous Reserves[edit]

National Parks[edit]

Nature Reserves[edit]

Section 5(g) Reserves[edit]

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  1. ^ "Department of Environment and Conservation 2009–2010 Annual Report". Department of Environment and Conservation. 2010. p. 48. ISSN 1835-114X. The area of the 98 national parks at 30 June 2010 was 5,668,065 hectares 

Further reading[edit]

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