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Temporal range: Late Carboniferous (Middle Pennsylvanian), 312Ma
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Amniota
Clade: Synapsida (?)
Genus: Protoclepsydrops
Carroll, 1964
Type species
Protoclepsydrops haplous
Carroll, 1964

Protoclepsydrops was an early amniote, found in Joggins, Nova Scotia.[1] Its skeletal remains indicate that it may have been more closely related to synapsids than to sauropsids, making it a possible synapsid member. If so, it is the oldest synapsid known, though its status is unconfirmed because its remains were fragmentary. Protoclepsydrops lived slightly earlier than Archaeothyris.[2] Like Archaeothyris, Protoclepsydrops resembled modern lizards. However, Protoclepsydrops still had primitive vertebrae with tiny neural processes typical of the amniotes amphibian ancestors.

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