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For other uses, see Paris Protocol.

The Protocol on Economic Relations, also called the Paris Protocol, was an agreement between Israel and the PLO, signed on 29 April 1994.[1]

The Protocol was part of the Gaza–Jericho Agreement, which was signed in Paris on 4 May 1994. The Protocol is mentioned in Article XIII of the Gaza–Jericho Agreement and attached to it as Annex IV. It was incorporated with minor amendations into the Oslo II Accord of September 1995.[2] In the Oslo II Accord, the Paris Protocol is incorporated in Article XXIV. The amendments to the Protocol (Supplement to the Protocol on Economic Relations) were annexed as Annex V of the Oslo II Accord. It contained two appendices.[3] While the Protocol initially applied to the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area, its jurisdiction was extended to all of the Palestinian Territories in the Oslo II Accord.[2]

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