Proud (Britannia High song)

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Song by Britannia High from the album Britannia High Soundtrack
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop
Length 3:28
Label Sony Music
Writer Wayne Hector, Steve Mac, Andy Hill
Producer Steve Mac

"Proud" is a song by Wayne Hector, Steve Mac and Andy Hill originally written and recorded for the British television drama series Britannia High. The song was later covered by Scottish singer Susan Boyle for her debut album I Dreamed a Dream.

In the ITV drama series the song is performed in episode 1.03 by the character Jez Tyler played by Matthew James Thomas. The song features on the 2008 Britannia High soundtrack album.

Writing and inspiration[edit]

The song was written specifically for the Britannia High television programme. The original inspiration was a teenager talking to a father that doesn't understand him. In an interview with HitQuarters Hector recounts how the writers composed the lyrics:

"We drew on the things that we felt about our own relationships with our dads when we were younger. I've got a good relationship with my dad now but, as is usual, when you're a teenager and the whole world is against you … I mean, not everybody has a tense relationship, but both of us did."[1]

Susan Boyle version[edit]

Song by Susan Boyle from the album I Dreamed a Dream
Recorded July–September 2009
London, England
Genre Vocal, pop
Label Syco, Columbia
Writer Wayne Hector, Steve Mac
Producer Steve Mac

"Proud" was covered by Scottish singer Susan Boyle for her debut 2009 album I Dreamed a Dream.

Despite being originally written about teenage-parent conflict, the song arguably found greater resonance when Boyle reinterpreted the song to suit her own real life feelings.[1]


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