Providence (Quebec TV series)

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Genre drama
Written by Chantal Cadieux
François Boulay
Nicole Giroux
Patrick Lowe
Directed by Régent Bourque
Anne Sénécal
Starring (see article)
Theme music composer Marco Giannetti
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) French
Producer(s) Jocelyn Deschênes
Editor(s) Sylvie Denis
Cinematography Louis Durocher
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel Radio-Canada
Original airing January 4, 2005
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Providence is a Canadian French language drama television series which aired on Radio-Canada since January 4, 2005.


Taking place in the fictional town of Providence in the Eastern Townships, the series focuses on the Beauchamp family and their cheese-making enterprise that was part of the Beauchamp family for three generations. The series also focuses on Édith Beauchamp, a businesswoman who is currently head of the company.


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