Provinces of North Korea

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Provinces are the first-level division within North Korea. There are 9 provinces in North Korea: Chagang, North Hamgyong, South Hamgyong, North Hwanghae, South Hwanghae, Kangwon, North Pyongan, South Pyongan and Ryanggang.


Although the details of local administration have changed dramatically over time, the basic outline of the current three-tiered system was implemented under the reign of Gojong in 1895. A similar system also remains in use in South Korea.

A province (, ) are the highest-ranked administrative divisions in North Korea. Provinces have equal status to the special cities.

List of provinces[edit]

Name Chosongul Hancha ISO Population Area
Capital Region
Chagang 자강도 慈江道 KP-04 1,299,830 16,765 77.5 Kanggye Kwanso
North Hamgyong 함경북도 咸鏡北道 KP-09 2,327,362 15,980 145.6 Chongjin Kwanbuk
South Hamgyong 함경남도 咸鏡南道 KP-08 3,066,013 18,534 165.4 Hamhung Kwannam
North Hwanghae 황해북도 黃海北道 KP-06 2,113,672 8,153.7 259.2 Sariwon Haeso
South Hwanghae 황해남도 黃海南道 KP-05 2,310,485 8,450.3 273.4 Haeju Haeso
Kangwon 강원도 江原道 KP-07 1,477,582 11,091 133.2 Wonsan Kwandong
North Pyongan 평안북도 平安北道 KP-03 2,728,662 12,680.3 215.2 Sinuiju Kwanso
South Pyongan 평안남도 平安南道 KP-02 4,051,696 11,890.6 340.7 Pyongsong Kwanso
Ryanggang 량강도 兩江道 KP-10 719,269 13,880 51.8 Hyesan Kwannam

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