Serbian Super Liga (women)

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Serbian Super Liga (women)
Country Serbia
Founded 2006
Divisions 1
Number of teams 12
Levels on pyramid 1
International cup(s) UEFA Champions League
Current champions ŽFK Spartak Subotica

The Super League (Serbian Cyrillic: Супер лига Србије за жене, Super liga Srbije) is the top level women's football league of Serbia. It was founded in 2006 the team with the most championships to date is ŽFK Mašinac PZP Niš with 3 titles.

Until 2013/14 the top level league was called Prva Ženska Liga (First League). For that season the Super Liga was created on top of the league system. The second level league is now the prva liga.

Current Format[edit]

Until 2012/13 the league played a double round robin. The winner was the champion of Serbia.

From 2013/14 onwards, with only eight teams in the league there are two stages. In the first stage, each team plays the other teams two times for a total of 14 matches. After that the top four teams play a Championship play-off and the bottom four a relegation play-off (play-out). Matches against the teams from the other play-off group are deleted from the standings, thus only matches against teams from the same play-off group make the final standings. In each play-off teams meet each other twice again for a total of 20 matches per season, of which 12 are taken into account for the final standings.[1] The winning team of the championship play-off is Serbian champion and qualifies for a spot in the UEFA Women's Champions League. The bottom placed team of the play-out is relegated to the second league. When tied on points, better results with tied teams decide the rank.

2013/14 teams[edit]


The women's national football league started to be played in the season 1974-75,[2] then still part of Yugoslavia. After the split of Yugoslavia in 1991, the league continued in the remaining state of FR Yugoslavia, that was renamed in 2002/03 to Serbia and Montenegro, till the split of the two in 2006. The succeeding league is the one of Serbia.


Titles by clubs[edit]

Team SFR FR S&M SRB Total
Mašinac PZP Niš 7 10 4 3 24
Spartak Subotica 1 4 5
Zagreb 3 3
Dinamo-Maksimir 3 3
Sloga Zemun 2 1 3
Željezničar Sarajevo 1 1
Napredak Kruševac 1 1


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