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Pseudo-Apuleius is the name given to the author of a 5th-century herbal known as Herbarium Apuleii Platonici, De herbarum virtutibus, or simply Herbarium. A 10th-century manuscript of the work is in the Museum Meermanno in The Hague.[1]

There are two 11th-century versions of the herbal (with coloured illustrations) at Oxford University:

  • Ps. Apuleius, Herbal: England, St. Augustine's abbey, Canterbury; 11th century, c. 1070–1100[2]
  • Ps.-Apuleius, Dioscorides, Herbals (extracts); De virtutibus bestiarum in arte medicinae, in Latin and English: England, Bury St. Edmunds; 11th century, late[3]


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