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Psi-Hawk featured in the background of the cover of Psi-Force #1
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Psi-Force #1 (November 1986)
In-story information
Team affiliations Psi-Force
Abilities Is a gestalt creation, combining and amplifying the powers of the paranormals who have summoned it

Psi-Hawk is a fictional creation from the Marvel New Universe line. He first appeared in Psi-Force #1 (November 1986).

Fictional character background[edit]

Psi-Hawk is a psychic construct originally initiated by CIA agent Emmett Proudhawk in concert with the young members of the loose band of paranormals that would later be known as "Psi-Force". The Psi-Hawk is capable of using the psionic powers of all those who took part in its creation, often with greater skill or power than the original user. It acts independently, and sometimes violently, to protect the members of the group. However, the Psi-Hawk only remains for a short period before discorporating. At times, it seems to display a personality of its own, but the members of Psi-Force can sometimes exert limited control over its actions. Psi-Hawk resembls an idealized version of Proudhawk wearing a costume that combines vaguely Native American garb and a traditional superhero costume.

After the death of Emmett Proudhawk, the team discovers that they can still manifest the Psi-Hawk if between two and five of them concentrate on a medallion owned by Proudhawk. However, they determine (in Psi Force Annual #1) that another paranormal, Thomas Boyd, is able to contribute to the creation of Psi-Hawk. However, Psi-Hawk becomes unstable and violent, and Michael Crawley determines that there are too many of them. He leaves the team (returning the number to five) and Psi-Hawk becomes stable again.

The Psi-Hawk is destroyed in a battle with the paranormal Rodstvow, and the shock of its "death" drives all members of the team into a coma.

The exact nature of the Psi-Hawk was never documented; there is no explanation given for Proudhawk's ability to transfer this power to the children upon his death, no explanation for the requirement of five contributors, and no analysis of whether it was alive or not. Similarly, there was no discussion of whether its "death" at the hands of Rodstvow was permanent; in fact, after that incident, the Psi-Hawk is never mentioned again.

Second Psi-Hawk[edit]

Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi Force (2006) introduced Emmett's cousin, Michael Proudhawk - another paranormal CIA agent who is able to manifest a Psi-Hawk of his own. Unlike Emmett's version, this is created solely by Michael (not something created by multiple paranormals working together) and can be summoned at will. Michael Proudhawk uses his gift on covert missions, operating in Iraq and attacking Russian forces in Afghanistan.

Eventually, the CIA sends him to continue his cousin's work and recruit Psi-Force. The teenagers refuse his offer and their confrontation becomes violent, with the two Psi-Hawks clashing. Michael loses - and the shock of his Psi-Hawk's defeat apparently sends him into a coma.

Powers and abilities[edit]

This version of the Psi-Hawk is wreathed in fire and able to project bolts of flame, capable of destroying a Russian military helicopter with a single blast. Like its counterpart, the Psi-Hawk is able to fly. The second version of Psi-Hawk is a mirror image of the original. The hawk emblem on the chest of the Emmett Proudhawk version faces right, whereas the Michael Proudhawk version faces left.