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Commercial? no
Type of site
Wiki Blog Forum
Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian
Owner Anonymous
Created by Anonymous
Launched July 2007
Alexa rank
50.000-60000 (until July 2012: Esowatch) is an internet project founded in 2007 with articles critical of esotericism, conspiracy theories and pseudoscience in CAM. The platform offers a Wiki, a Blog and a forum. The Psiram wiki is based on MediaWiki-Software. In September 2013, the German wiki is the largest with 2,692 articles ; the French is second with 256 articles and the English is the third with 95 articles.[1]


All authors use anonymous nicknames, and the site's owner is unknown. The domain is registered via a company in Hong Kong. The anonymity is explained as due to negative experiences by identifiable critics of New Age beliefs. New authors can register after a check on their abilities.[2]

Public reception[edit]

The first major public reception was 2008 in the German online magazine Telepolis.[2] Psiram's article on Prahlad Jani was referenced in the science blog Pharyngula,[3] and their article on night milk crystals was referenced by the Guardian.[4]

A German court based a decision partly on arguments collected by Esowatch.[5] Further, data from Esowatch was used in an inquiry in the Austrian parliament.[6]


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