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Psycho+Logical-Records logo2.png
Founded November 1999
Founder Necro
Status Active
Distributor(s) Landspeed Distribution (2000-2001), Select-O-Hits (2001-2007) E1 Music (2007-2009), Fontana Distribution (2009-2012), INgrooves (2012-present)
Genre Hip hop
Country of origin United States
Location New York City
Official website

Psycho+Logical-Records is a record label owned by rapper Necro, operated in New York City, New York. The label was named after the thesis that it is logical for its acts to be psychotic. Psycho+Logical-Records started off in November 1999 as a means through which Necro could release his debut album, I Need Drugs. Many of the releases are becoming short in supply possibly because most of the artists have dropped or because Psycho+Logical-Records switching distribution over the years, as a result of this the remaining releases available from the label are on sale on the label's site.




  • Nems (signed for a short time and was originally going to release "Prezident's Day" on the label but eventually released it under Creative Juices)
  • Captain Carnage (left due to personal issues but has made an appearance in the music video for Mr. Hyde's "Killer Collage")
  • Goretex (left due to personal and professional issues)
  • Department of Forensics
  • Ming the Merciless
  • MC Serch
  • Sean Strange
  • Q-Unique : Necro urged Q-Unique to leave the label because at the time necro was being sued, Necro wanted best for Q
  • Riviera Regime
  • Sabac Red
  • Secret Society: group consisting Non Phixion (goretex, ill Bill, Sabac Red) and Necro, the group disbanded after Non Phixion broke up
  • Circle Of Tyrants
  • Ill Bill


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