Psycho Therapy (The Soundtrack)

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Psycho Therapy (The Soundtrack)
Studio album by Psycho Les
Released March 20, 2007
Genre Hip hop
Length ??
Label Pit Fight Records
Producer Psycho Les
Psycho Les chronology
Milk Me
Psycho Therapy
(Psycho Les)

Psycho Therapy (The Soundtrack) is the debut solo album by The Beatnuts member Psycho Les. This album consists of 18 tracks with Psycho Les on the microphone as well as the boards with features from the DJ Honda, Triple Seis, and Black Attack. Production on Psycho Therapy has all the elements that were involved with The Beatnuts' albums, including samples, horns, and drums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "The Man"
  3. "Oh My! Oh My!" (Featuring Jacken of Psycho Realm & Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.)
  4. "Feel It Baby" (Featuring K-Solo & Black Attack)
  5. "Sho Me Thoze!
  6. "My Music Is Crack" (Featuring Triple Seis)
  7. "Party Right Here (It's Going Down)" (Featuring G-Wise)
  8. "Drums Interlude"
  9. "Unstoppable" (Featuring Willie Stubs & Goblin)
  10. "Bright Lights" (Featuring Columbo)
  11. "Smoke Mad La"
  12. "Grandma's Sandwiches"
  13. "Bounce 4 Me"
  14. "I Know Where You At" (Featuring DJ Honda)
  15. "Big Psych!"
  16. "Supa Soul"
  17. "Keepin' It Gangsta"
  18. "Get Paid Get Paper"