Psychometrer Eiji

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Psychometrer Eiji
Psychometrer eiji 01-2.jpg
Cover to the French edition of Psychometrer Eiji volume 1, published by Manga Kana
(Saikometorā Eiji)
Genre Detective fiction
Written by Shin Kibayashi
Illustrated by Masashi Asaki
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine
Original run 19962000
Volumes 25
Psychometrer (sequel)
Written by Shin Kibayashi
Illustrated by Masashi Asaki
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Magazine
Original run 2011 – ongoing
Volumes 14
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Psychometrer Eiji (サイコメトラーEIJI Saikometorā Eiji?) is a mystery manga and live-action series created by Masashi Asaki and Yuma Ando, that started in 1996. The manga series is composed of 25 tankōbon and was serialized by Kodansha. So far, it is yet to be released worldwide, although it was published by Chuangyi in Simplified Chinese, Tong-Li in Traditional Chinese in Taiwan, and by Manga Kana in French. An action-adventure video game based on the manga was released for the Sony PlayStation on 18 February 1999. A sequel written by Ando and illustrated by Asaki is currently being serialized on Young Magazine.


Asuma Eiji is a normal high school student, with a reputation for being violent and involved in gangs. But he has the psychometry ability, which is discovered by Shima Ryoko, a police investigator when his little sister Emi gets involved in a serial murder case. And so, Shima uses her charm to get the boy to help her, and Eiji obliges, getting more and more involved in the murders, his powers proving to be quite powerful.


Eiji Asuma (明日真映児 Asuma Eiji?)
A troublemaker, loud and outspoken high school student with the power of psychometry, which is hidden from all except his sister Emi, his childhood friend Yusuke, policewoman Shima and criminal mastermind Sawaki. He is well known as a strong and unbeatable fighter, and often gets into fights.
Emi Asuma (明日真恵美 Asuma Emi?)
Eiji's little sister. Cute, she appears to have feelings for her brother (they aren't blood siblings), and is the object of affection of Yusuke, and object of lust of a neighborhood pervert. She gets involved in the police cases her brothers helps in a few times along the series.
Ryoko Shima (志摩亮子 Shima Ryoko?)
A seductive and beautiful, young policewoman. An elite "Career" detective on fast track. She's single, independent and is always wearing sexy underwear and revealing clothes. She believes in Eiji's powers and that they can make a difference in the cases she's involved in, but the rest of the police work is done in great part by her, a very smart and quick woman. It is suggested throughout the series that she and Eiji have developed feelings for each other.

Yuusuke Kasai (葛西 裕介 Kasai Yuusuke?)

Having known and understood Eiji's psychometry for years, he became Eiji's the best friend whom Eiji trusts. For being a psychologist, helps Eiji and Ryoko's investigation. With Eiji, made a band-Natsumikan then be in charge of composing and playing the keyboard. Intelligent and marks the highest scores in school. Cute boy with looking-young attracts girls, but he is into Emi. Later, in 'Kunimitsu's politics', he enters the Tokyo University at once, so works as Emi's tutor in 'Psychometrer'. In the 2nd season of live action version, he is a student of Tokyo University. Special episode makes him a pre-diplomat.

Toru Egawa (江川 透流 Egawa Toru?)

Eiji's friend and classmate, he's the leader of a large gang and is well known for his fighting ability. However, he has a strong sense of justice and will defend what's right, even if it means defying his friends. His mother is the mistress of an unnamed politician and is a strong-willed woman who works as the head chef at a restaurant.

Akira Sawaki (沢木 晃 Sawaki Akira?)

A classmate of Shima's from college. It's revealed that he's a criminal genius, stated to have an IQ of over 200, and has masterminded many crimes. Despite this, he has offered hints to Shima about cases on multiple occasions, claiming he views her as a potential rival and wishes to help her "cultivate" her abilities until they can truly face each other one last time. However, he has attempted to remove Eiji so she won't be able to depend on his psychometry anymore, having tried to murder him and also use psychological warfare. He has hinted that his interest in Shima may be somewhat romantic, though in his own, twisted way.
Shoukichi Tamiya (田宮 章吉 Tamiya Shoukichi?)
Eiji's friend and too outspoken person. Born with silver spoon, but almost dumped out from home due to his bad acts.

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