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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Pu.

Pu Wei (simplified Chinese: 浦玮; traditional Chinese: 浦瑋; pinyin: Pǔ Wěi; born August 20, 1980 in Hebei) is a female Chinese football (soccer) player. A veteran of three World Cup tournaments and three Olympics, Pu Wei competed in USA 1999, USA 2003, China 2007, Sydney 2000 Olympics, Atlanta 2004 Olympics, and Beijing 2008; as China did not qualify for Germany 2011 World Cup and London 2012 Olympics. Pu Wei is the current captain of China women's national football team.

Olympics and World Cup[edit]

Pu Wei finished fifth with the Chinese team at Sydney 2000 Olympics, playing all three matches. Four years later she finished ninth with the Chinese team at Atlanta 2004 Olympics, playing two matches. At Beijing 2008 Olympics, USA 2003 and China 2007 World Cup tournaments, she reached the quarter-finals with her Chinese team. Her best performance, as a member of China women's national team, is reaching the final of USA 1999 women's world cup, losing in penalty-shoot-out.

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