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This article is about the modern meaning of the term. For the French Revolutionary governing body, see Committee of Public Safety.
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Public safety [This term is used in many capacities by countries, states, cities, and regions to describe the authority and responsibilities the entity oversees. The public safety issues a city might grapple with include narcotic use, trespassing, burglary, harassment, juvenile delinquency, unauthorized living, noise, littering, inappropriate social behavior, DUIs, and other quality of life issues.] The following definition only looks at a higher level of function such as a country task force: involves the prevention of and protection from events that could endanger the safety of the general public from significant danger, injury/harm, or damage, such as crimes or disasters (natural or man-made).


Agencies and organizations tasked with preparing for, planning for, responding to, and/or mitigating after emergencies are referred to as public safety entities. These include emergency management agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, rescue squads, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

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