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PUB, Singapore's national water agency
Public Utilities Board.png
Official Logo
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Singapore
Headquarters 40 Scotts Road, #22-01 Environment Building, Singapore 228231
Agency executives Tan Gee Paw, Chairman
RADM (NS) Chew Men Leong, Chief Executive
Parent agency Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

The Public Utilities Board (Abbreviation: PUB; Chinese: 公用事业局; Malay: Lembaga Kemudahan Awam) is a statutory board of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources under the Government of Singapore.

The headquarters of the Public Utilities Board are located at the Environment Building on Scotts Road.

PUB began as Singapore's Public Utilities Board. When it was appointed Singapore's National Water Agency, it kept the acronym PUB. PUB was set up to ensure an efficient, adequate and sustainable supply of water for Singapore. The PUB hopes to achieve its mission through its "Price-Minus" strategy where they aim to maintain high services but at the same time, keep the costs low.[1]

In 2003, PUB introduced, to multiply Singapore's water supply. This further diversified the water supply to four sources: local catchment water, imported water, NEWater and desalinated water.[2]

PUB has a mascot called Water Wally intended to engage the public, especially children. Water Wally is featured on some of the signs on PUB property in Singapore.

PUB was awarded the Stockholm Industry Water Award in 2007.

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