Public holidays in Ethiopia

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The following are public holidays in Ethiopia. Many holidays follow the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.[1]

Date English name Amharic name Remarks
January 7
(Leap year: January 6)
Ethiopian Christmas Genna
January 19 Epiphany Timkat
March 2 Victory at Adwa Day Commemorates Ethiopia's victory over Italy in 1896.
March 28 Day of Lament Hazen Commemorates Red Terror (Also called candle festival). Always held one month before National Day.
moveable in spring Good Friday Siklet
moveable in spring Easter Fasika
May 1 Labour Day
May 5 Patriots' Day Commemorates Ethiopian patriots (Arbegnoch)who resisted Italian invasion and occupation from 1936-1941. Official name is Arbegnoch Qen. (Patriots' Day)
May 28 Derg Downfall Day
(National Day)
Commemorates the end of the Derg junta in 1991. Although this day is Ethiopia's National Day, its official name is Derg Downfall Day.
September 11
(Leap year: September 12)
New Year's Day Enkutatash
September 27
(Leap year: September 28)
Finding of the True Cross Meskel

In addition, the following Muslim holidays, which may take place at any time of the year, are observed as public holidays:

Date Arabic name Amharic name
moveable Ramadan
moveable Mawlid
moveable Eid al-Fitr
moveable Eid al-Adha