Public holidays in Kosovo in 2013

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This is a list of public holidays in Kosovo, 2013.

Date English Name Local Name Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Viti i Ri
January 2 New Year's Day Viti i Ri
January 7 Christmas Krishtlindjet ortodokse (Božić) Orthodox
February 17 Independence Day Dita e Pavaresise 17 February 2008
March 31 Easter Pashket katolike (Uskrs) Catholic
April 9 Constitution Day Dita e Kushtetutes
May 1 International Labour Day Dita Nderkombetare e Punes
May 5 Easter Pashket Ortodokse (Uskrs) Orthodox
May 9 Europe Day Dita e Europes Under review from the Government - To be removed from the public holidays calendar
August 8 Eid ul-Fitr Bajrami i Madh (Fitr Bajrami) Islam
October 15 Eid ul-Adha Bajrami i Vogel (Kurban Bajrami) Islam
December 25 Christmas Krishtlindjet katolike (Božić) Catholic