Public holidays in Kyrgyzstan

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This is the list of public holidays in Kyrgyzstan:

Date English name Local name Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Жаңы жыл / Новый Год (Novy god)
January 7 Eastern Orthodox Christmas Рождество Христово (Rozhdestvo Khristovo)
February 23 Fatherland Defender's Day День защитника Отечества (Den zashchitnika Otechestva) Formation of the Red Army in February 1918.
March 8 International Women's Day Сегизинчи март айымдар майрамы/Восьмое марта (Vosmoe marta),
March 21–23 Nooruz Mairamy Нооруз майрамы Which is originally the Persian new year, is traditionally a springtime holiday marking the beginning of a new year sometimes as late as April 21.
March 24 Day of National Revolution Элдик революция күнү
May 1 Kyrgyzstan People's Unity Day (Первое Мая) День международной солидарности трудящихся ("International Day of Worker's Solidarity")
May 5 Constitution Day Кыргыз Республикасынын Конституция күнү / День Конституции Кыргызской Республики
May 8 Remembrance Day
May 9 Great Patriotic War Against Fascism Victory Day Жеңиш күнү / День Победы (Den Pobedy) A holiday in the former Soviet Union carried over

to present-day Kazakhstan and other former republics (Except Baltic Countries).

August 31 Independence Day Эгемендүүлүк күнү / День независимости (Den Nezavisimosti)
November 7 Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution Улуу Октябрь Социалисттик революциясынын күнү / Годовщина Великой Октябрьской социалистической революции or Седьмое ноября Celebrating October Revolution of 1917. It has now been replaced with День примирения и согласия ("Day of Reconciliation and Agreement"), celebrated on a Nov. 7 (at least officially) before amendments in Labour Codex (adopted in December 2004, new holiday, which celebrates at November 4 is the People Unity Day ("День народного единства)"

* Eid al-Adha, the Islamic Feast of the Sacrifice.

Two additional Muslim holidays Orozo Ait and Kurman Ait are defined by lunar calendar.