Public housing estates in Ho Man Tin

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The following shows the public housing estates in Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong.



Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Cascades 欣圖軒 Sandwich 1999 4 712 HK Housing Society
Chun Man Court 俊民苑 HOS 1981 12 1,800
Ho Man Tin Estate 何文田邨 Public 1998 9 4,738
Kwun Fai Court 冠暉苑 HOS 1999 2 300
Kwun Hei Court 冠熹苑 HOS 2000 1 796
Oi Man Estate 愛民邨 Public 1974 12 6,289
Sheung Lok Estate 常樂邨 Public 1998 1 358


Cascades (Chinese: 欣圖軒) is a Sandwich Class Housing Scheme court in Chung Hau Street, Ho Man Tin, developed by the Hong Kong Housing Society.[1] It has 4 blocks built in 1999 and offering 712 units.[2]


Name Completion
Block 1 1999
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4

Chun Man Court[edit]

Chun Man Court (Chinese: 俊民苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme court in Ho Man Tin, near Oi Man Estate.[3] It consists of 12 blocks built in 1981.


Name[4] Type Completion
Man Fuk House Non-Standard 1981
Man Pan House
Man Lan House
Man Hor House
Man Chung House
Man Hoi House
Man Hung House
Man Hei House
Man Ming House
Man Oi House
Man Shui House
Man Yin House

Ho Man Tin Estate / Kwun Fai Court / Kwun Hei Court[edit]

Main article: Ho Man Tin Estate
Ho Man Tin Estate

Ho Man Tin Estate (Chinese: 何文田邨) consists of 9 residential blocks[5] and a shopping arcade,[6] including 8 blocks and the shopping arcade of Ho Man Tin (South) Estate (Chinese: 何文田(南)邨).[7]

Oi Man Estate[edit]

Main article: Oi Man Estate
Oi Man Estate

Oi Man Estate (Chinese: 愛民邨) is largest public housing estate in Kowloon City District. It has a total of 12 residential block completed in 1974 and 1975.[8][9]

Sheung Lok Estate[edit]

Sheung Lok Estate

Sheung Lok Estate (Chinese: 常樂邨) was built on the former site of Sheung Shing Street Temporary Housing Area, the estate has only one residential building built in 1998.[10][11]


Name Type Completion
Sheung Lok House Small Household Block 1998