Pubnico (village), Nova Scotia

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For more places called Pubnico, see Pubnico (disambiguation).

Pubnico is a small French Acadian community located in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia on Nova Scotia Trunk 3 . It was founded in 1653 by Philippe Mius d’Entremont. It holds the distinction of being the oldest Acadian community still inhabited mainly by Acadians; in fact, most of today's residents are descendants of the founder.

Pubnico (village), Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Pubnico (village), Nova Scotia
West Pubnico in Nova Scotia

West Pubnico is one of the top fishing ports in Nova Scotia by value of landings, and is home to 15 fish processing companies. Major species include haddock, cod, redfish, herring, lobster and scallops.

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Coordinates: 43°42′09″N 65°47′02″W / 43.70250°N 65.78389°W / 43.70250; -65.78389