Pueblo del Arroyo

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Pueblo del Arroyo ancestral puebloan great house ruins in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Pueblo del Arroyo is a Chacoan Ancestral Pueblo great house and notable archaeological site located in Chaco Canyon, a canyon in the U.S. state of New Mexico. Founded between AD 1050 and 1075 and completed in the early 12th century, it is located near Pueblo Bonito at a drainage outlet known as South Gap. Pueblo del Arroyo is the only site in Chaco Canyon that has a tri-wall structure. Its ruins now lie within Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

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Coordinates: 36°03′40″N 107°57′57″W / 36.0612°N 107.9657°W / 36.0612; -107.9657