Pueblo de las Juntas, California

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Pueblo de las Juntas (also La Juntas and Fresno) was a former settlement in Fresno County, California situated at the confluence of the San Joaquin River and Fresno Slough, 2 miles (3.2 km) north of Mendota,

Pueblo de las Juntas was one of the first places settled by Spaniards in San Joaquin Valley in 1810. The name las Juntas (Spanish: the junctions), a reference to the location at the confluence of two streams. The name fresno (Spanish: ash tree) commemorates two large ash trees growing on the riverbank at the site. It was connected to the coast settlements via a route west along Panoche Creek to Panoche Pass in the Diablo Range, to Tres Pinos and northwest to Mission San Juan Bautista and west to Monterey. It was also a place on the eastern route of El Camino Viejo.


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Coordinates: 36°46′46″N 120°22′19″W / 36.77938°N 120.37203°W / 36.77938; -120.37203