Puerto Almanza

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Puerto Almanza is a small village settlement in Tierra del Fuego on the northern shore of the Beagle Channel. It is located at 54°52′21.74″S 067°34′36.85″W / 54.8727056°S 67.5769028°W / -54.8727056; -67.5769028Coordinates: 54°52′21.74″S 067°34′36.85″W / 54.8727056°S 67.5769028°W / -54.8727056; -67.5769028. It lies about 3km west from another settlement on the channel called Almirante Brown and its almost opposite to the Chilean port of Puerto Williams.

Mostly a resting point for fishermen and access point to some local ranches in Tierra del Fuego when roads are cut due to bad weather. Its population is approximately 100 inhabitants. It is the southernmost village of Argentina.

To reach Puerto Almanza by road one should set off from Ushuaia traveling east via the 'Ruta Nacional 3' for approximately 71km until reaching road 'J', which is the road that takes you down to the channel and Puerto Almanza (5km)[1]