Puerto Francisco de Orellana

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Puerto Francisco de Orellana
Rio Napo in Francisco de Orellana.jpg
Flag of Puerto Francisco de Orellana
Official seal of Puerto Francisco de Orellana
Puerto Francisco de Orellana is located in Ecuador
Puerto Francisco de Orellana
Puerto Francisco de Orellana
Coordinates: 00°27′45″S 76°59′03″W / 0.46250°S 76.98417°W / -0.46250; -76.98417Coordinates: 00°27′45″S 76°59′03″W / 0.46250°S 76.98417°W / -0.46250; -76.98417[1]
Country Ecuador
Province Orellana
Canton Puerto Francisco de Orellana
 • City 146.26 km2 (56.47 sq mi)
Elevation 300 m (1,000 ft)
Population (2010 census)
 • City 45,163
 • Density 310/km2 (800/sq mi)
 • Metro 72,795
Demonym Orellanese
Time zone ECT
Area code(s) (+593) 6
Website www.orellana.gob.ec (Spanish)

Puerto Francisco de Orellana, also known as Coca, is the capital of province of Orellana in eastern Ecuador. The city is located in the Amazon Rainforest at the confluence of the Coca River and the Napo River (the smaller Payamino River also merges into the Napo in the city). It has a population of 45,163 inhabitants as of 2010.[2] It is visited by tourists going into the Amazonian forest and is served by the Francisco de Orellana Airport.


The city is named for Francisco de Orellana, who explored the confluence of the Coca River and the Napo River. It is believed that he set sail from the current location of the town eventually making his way into the Amazon River seeing the "Amazon" or tribes in which the women also fought. Eventually Francisco de Orellana made it to the Atlantic. He made a second expedition leaving but died on the Amazon delta unable to find a way through. Francisco de Orellana a population of the banks which was driven through the help he gave the first settlers business owners, hotel, canoeists and some outside especially in the Ecuadorian sierra, as teachers, Director of High School Miguel Gamboa and Capuchin missionaries and Marist, was formed in Canton in 30/ 04/1969 , with its first council formed by Edgar Guerra agronomist College Director, Carlos Aguirre school teacher, Meliton Rodriguez Head of School, Luis Lopez Merchant. The City Council asked the collaboration to Rojas ing.Jaime Deputy IERAC, with planning, pose and setting out of town. The President José Maria Velasco Ibarra, gave first aid to the canton with which we proceeded to the lotización and fragmentation of central and current Coca .

Also in this city is located the 19TH "NAPO" JUNGLE BRIGADE (Army of Ecuador), which develops military courses as "Selva", "Tigres", "Reconocimiento de Largo Alcance", "Operaciones Rivereñas" and "Operaciones de Asalto aéreo".


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