Puerto Rican constitutional referendum, 1994

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A constitutional referendum was held in Puerto Rico on 6 November 1994.[1] Voters were asked whether they approved of two amendments, one to eliminate the absolute right to bail and the other to increase the number of Supreme Court judges. Both were rejected by 54% of voters, with a turnout of 62.2%.[2]


Eliminating the absolute right to bail[edit]

Choice Votes %
For 605,866 45.6
Against 712,291 53.6
Invalid/blank votes 11,907
Total 1,330,055 100
Source: Nohlen

Increasing the number of Supreme Court judges[edit]

Choice Votes %
For 595,425 44.8
Against 718,373 54.0
Invalid/blank votes 16,257
Total 1,330,055 100
Source: Nohlen


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