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Highway 111
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Puerto Rico Highway 111 is a long highway connecting Aguadilla, Puerto Rico at Puerto Rico Highway 2 and Puerto Rico Highway 115 to Utuado, Puerto Rico at Puerto Rico Highway 140. It is the main highway to Moca and San Sebastián, being a wide-lane highway before turning rural to its way to Lares, where it meets Puerto Rico Highway 129, which taking north goes to Arecibo and meets PR-2 and PR-22. In Lares, it becomes a divided avenue, replacing an old, narrow segment, but then becomes rural again. It continues to Utuado, crossing PR-10, and merging shortly with PR-123. It ends at PR-140 east of Utuado, near Jayuya. It is one of two long highways going west–east through the center of Puerto Rico (the other being Puerto Rico Highway 156). It is named the Carretera Enrique Laguerre through all its length.

There are plans to build a wider road between Lares and San Sebastian. Part of the route has already been created both by widening and by replacing the original route.