Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration

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Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration (PRRA) was one of the alphabet agencies, created during the American New Deal. Carlos E. Chardón was named director of the agency. It was established in the Department of the Interior by Executive Order 7057 of May 28, 1935, and eliminated as of February 15, 1955, by act of August 15, 1953 (67 Stat. 584).

The objectives of the program were defined by the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a letter dated August 1, 1935:

The Administration's program intends not merely immediate relief but permanent reconstruction for the Island. To this end the projects in contemplation will see to insure every person on the Island a position of reasonable independence and security. The economy of the Island is, of course, agricultural and the solution of its problems must be in terms of agricultural rehabilitation, It will therefore be sought to secure for each citizen a place on the land which will give him a fair share in the fruits of his own labor and a position of independence and security. This will require the establishment of many persons on small farming units. It will also require that these small farmers be insured adequate processing and distributing facilities at reasonable cost. Diversification of agricultural production will be sought by the program in order that the Island may approach a self-sustaining status. Cheap and available electric power, good roads, reforestation and adequate housing are also essential to effect the Administration's program... I am anxious that the Government of the United States shall discharge fully its responsibilities to the Puerto Rican people....

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