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This article is about a African food. For the 2010 iPhone game, see Puff Puff (video game). For its use as a sexual phrase, see Puff Puff (sexual term).
Puff Puff
Alternative names Bofrot, togbei
Type Doughnut
Place of origin Sub-Saharan Africa
Main ingredients Flour, yeast, sugar, butter, water, eggs, vegetable oil
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Puff-puff as it is called in Nigeria or Bofrot in Ghana is a traditional African snack similar to a doughnut. There exists a similar version known as Mandazi or Mandasi in Eastern and Southern Africa. Puff-puffs are similar to the French Beignet and the Italian Zeppole. Puff-puffs are made of dough containing flour, yeast, sugar, butter, salt, water and eggs and deep fried in vegetable oil until golden brown. Variations can be made in the recipe by using baking powder in place of yeast but yeast is more common. After frying, puff puffs can be rolled in sugar. Like the French and Italian variants, puff-puffs can be rolled in any spices/flavouring such as cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg and for a fusion style of cooking puff-puffs served with a fruit dip such as strawberry or raspberry.

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