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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Pult (Latin: Dioecesis Pulatensis) (Italian Pulati) existed from the ninth century to 2005. In that year it was united into the archdiocese of Shkodër-Pult.[1]


The first Bishop of Pulati (877) was a suffragan of Dioclea. After the overthrow of Dioclea the bishops of Pulati were suffragans of Salonica (Thessalonica). During the tenth century, and even later, Pulati is not mentioned.

From 1340 to 1520 there were two Dioceses of Pulati, Polata major and Polata minor; the bishops of the latter were known as Episcopi Sosbrienses from the Franciscan hospice in the village of Sosi. Under the Turkish rule, with the decay of its population, after the death of Vincenzo Giovanelli appointed in 1656, the bishops no longer resided at Pulati. After 1667, its bishops were vicars Apostolic for Pulati.

The Franciscan, Peter Karagić, was nominated Bishop of Pulati in 1697 and Apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Scopia in Albania. From 1867 Pulati was suffragan of the archdiocese of Scutari.


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