Pulau Merambong

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Pulau Merambong, Johor
ڤولاو مرمبوڠ، جوهر
Location near Tuas, Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas Port, Johor
Coordinates 1°18′54″N 103°36′36″E / 1.31500°N 103.61000°E / 1.31500; 103.61000
State Johor
District Pontian

Pulau Merambong is an uninhabited island located in Johor, Malaysia, just off the western side of the Malaysia-Singapore border. The island is dominated by mangrove swamp.


The area Pulau Merambong is located within the single largest seagrass bed in the country. The bed extents from the island right up to the estuary of Pulai River in Johor.[1] Dugongs and seahorses which feed on seagrass made their home in the nearby coral reefs. Environmentalists are concerned that the development of Port of Tanjung Pelepas is threatening the area and the livelihood of seahorses as well as dugongs and turtles. The island is planned to be gazette as a nature park with various environmental based NGOs funding it.[2]


Further information: Pedra Branca dispute

In the aftermath of the International Court of Justice ruling that saw Pedra Branca being awarded to Singapore, concerns on Malaysian sovereignty over Pulau Merambong have been raised. To alleviate the concern, the Straits Settlement and Johore Territorial Waters Agreement of 1927 which clearly states the ownership of the island has been cited.[3]

Singaporean incident[edit]

On 13 April 2007, two Interceptor Crafts of the Special Task Squadron were on ambush duty off Tuas in the vicinity of Tuas Jetty, when a speedboat with six illegal immigrants and cartons of cigarettes intruded into Singapore's territorial waters at about 9.30 PM. The speedboat sped off when approached by the police, resulting in a five-minute chase which ended with a collision between one of the crafts and the speedboat near Pulau Merambong. PK 50 capsized, while the speedboat was completely wrecked. Two officers were rescued from the scene within minutes with minor injuries while another two were found dead. Three passengers on the intruding vessels were also rescued, and a fourth man found dead. The rest of the passengers were still missing.[4]


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Coordinates: 1°19′N 103°37′E / 1.317°N 103.617°E / 1.317; 103.617