Pulau Undan Lighthouse

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Pulau Undan Lighthouse
Location Pulau Undan, Malacca, Malaysia
Year first constructed 1880[1]
Tower shape Octagonal cylindrical tower
Markings / pattern None—red light tower; whitekeeper's house
Height 15 m (49 ft)[1]
Focal height 53 m (174 ft) (focal plane)[1]
Range 18 nm[2]
Characteristic Two white flashes every 15 seconds[1]
Admiralty number F1644[1]
NGA number 21728[1]
ARLHS number WMA-013[1]

The Pulau Undan Lighthouse (Malay: Rumah Api Pulau Undan) is a lighthouse on the island of Pulau Undan, off the coast of Malacca, Malaysia.

Completed in 1880, the lighthouse was erected during British rule in Malacca as a beacon for ships travelling along the Strait of Malacca.[1] While remaining in operation as of 2008, the building is now supplemented with a second, newer concrete tower that operates advanced equipment for shipping communications.[2]

Located on Pulau Undan, the lighthouse is located 25 kilometres (16 mi) off the coast of Malacca, and is situated on the summit of the island.[1] As a result, the lighthouse, like others in the country on small islands, is largely reachable solely by boat, its site and tower closed from the public.[1]

The original lighthouse consists of an octagonal cylindrical light tower housing the lantern and a gallery, and is adjoined to a single storey keeper's house; both structures were constructed of masonry.[1] A more recent concrete communications tower, roughly three times the height of the original lighthouse, is cylindrical and stark in design, and situated directly beside the lighthouse.[2]


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