Puli, Nantou

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Puli Township
Location of Puli in Nantou County
Location of Puli in Nantou County
Country  Republic of China
County Nantou
 • Magistrate Zhou Yixiong
 • Total 162.22 km2 (100.80 sq mi)
Elevation 445 m (1,460 ft)
Population (December 2014)
 • Total 83,021
Website http://www.puli.gov.tw
Puli Township
Puli Township Office

Puli Township (Chinese: 埔里鎮; pinyin: Pǔlǐ zhèn; Wade–Giles: P'u3-li3 chen4; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Po·-lí tìn) is an urban township in Nantou County, Taiwan. It is the geographic center of Taiwan.


In the 19th century the city was known as Posia (埔社) or Polisia (埔裏社). The Atayal name of the settlement was Sabaha Bakalas, meaning "house of stars".[1]


Chi Chi Earthquake[edit]

In 1999, this town was damaged by the 921 earthquake. The damage was especially severe in Taomi Village a small rural village located within Puli Township. 10 years on, the village has since re-invented itself to be the pride of Taiwan's eco-tourism industry. Especially after the opening of the Paper Dome, now a major attraction in Puli Township, Taomi Village[1] was transformed from a sleepy agricultural village to one that is busting with activities related to community redevelopment and eco-tourism. Since then, Taomi Village has seen vibrancy unprecedented since its glory days in the 1970s as an agricultural hub.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Tungmen Village, Pacheng Village, Pipa Village, Shuitou Village, Qilin Village, Zhuge Village, Xinan Village, Ximen Village, Nanmen Village, Beimen Village, Beian Village, Beimei Village, Taian Village, Danan Village, Wugong Village, Tongsheng Village, Qingxin Village, Xunhua Village, Dacheng Village, Lancheng Village, Taomi Village, Chenggong Village, Nancun Village, Ailan Village, Tieshan Village, Fangli Village, Xiangshan Village, Yixin Village, Gecheng Village, Guangcheng Village, Shigang Village, Fuxing Village, Niumian Village.[2]


Paper factory in Puli

There is a nationally owned brewery in the township. One of the main economic activities in Puli is tourism. It is located in the mountainous center of Taiwan, and many tourist destination spots are nearby.


National Chi Nan University is a 15-minute drive from the town center.

Tourist attractions[edit]


The nearest train station that serves Puli Township is the Checheng Station in Shuili Township.

Puli is at one end of National Highway 6 which provides a connection with west Taiwan towards Taichung and Nantou City. At the eastern end of the Highway the Puli exit connects to the Hehuanshan mountain pass, at its highest point 3275 meters above sea level, before the road continues to Hualien on the east coast. By this combination of roads, Puli is located along the only east-west coast to coast route crossing the central portion of the island.

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